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Sustainable investment

Igloo is committed to the Footprint® policy of Sustainable Investment.  Recognised by the United Nations as market leading, Footprint ensures our developments are sustainable in the widest sense: that they are well designed, that they are kind on the environment, and that they create great places for people to enjoy, both now and in the future.

Footprint has four key four themes:

  • Regeneration - projects must contribute to the long term social, physical and economic renewal of urban neighbourhoods
  • Environmental Sustainability - patterns of resource use must not compromise the sustainability of environmental systems
  • Urban Design - design of buildings and public realm should be distinctive, functional and urban in character
  • Health, Happiness and Wellbeing - investing in people and communities in order to change lives and realise potential

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Sea Thrift

Sea thrift at Porth Teigr

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